Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Homeward bound with a tear in my eye!

A tear was in my eye as I boarded the plane and headed back to Australia. I missed my bus and all the people from the kiwi experience who would carry on without me as I fly back to Melbourne.
I landed and through the chilly winds I caught a tram down to the delightful area of St. Kilda. This would be my base to explore the fusion of Camden and Brighton which makes up the capital of Victoria and host of the last commonwelth games.
Melbounre has a charm to it that I cant quite describe, its cosmopolitan yet Bohemian at the same time, with areas that make me giggle with delight such as Brunswick, St. Kilda and along the Yarra river.
My first night would be an eventful one. I met at the hostel soem girls whom I e in New Zealand and we proceeded to get drunky at the casino. I even managed to get some free drinks when the bar lady refused to serve me. She sais taht I couldnt be served as I am too drunk and was sawying. I then went off on one 'How dare you I have a plastic hip from a car accident, you are discriminating against people with disabilities. I cant stand on that leg for elongated periods of time and have to adjust my weight accordingly from leg to leg, hense the swaying look'. She was ever so apologetic and I got free champagne!!!!!! he he the mug!!!
I spent a few days exploring with some random people I met int he hostel the delights that Melbourne has to offer. I went to the grim and cold Old Melbourne Gaol. This is where Ned Kelly the famous Australian folk hero and bush ranger was hung. I saw hsi death mask and explored until the peace was disrupted by a bleedin'school party!
I wandered around the MCG and took in the singing bridge that leads down to it constructed to commemorate the commonwealth games last year. I also took in the modern art that adorn the city and make it have this charm that seems to seep from every pour.
But the best thing by far was meeting the living legend that is Dr. karl Kennedy from neighbours. There in St .Kilda is a pub called the Elephant and Wheelbarrow. This small pub hosts neigbopurs neights with come and meet the stars as its attraction. But the main attraction is the fact that the good old doctor and his band perfom at the end of the evening.
I met the lethcerous doctor and he hugged me!! I wasnt going to go as I thought it was a bit gimpy but soem of the girls in the hostel persuaded me, so I subsequently was the only bloke at our table. That made me smile boradly and giggle a lot, oh ladies come to papa!!
Anyway I met libby and she hugged me and was a right old slut!! Oh yes her embrace was full of filth and she wanted me, oh I could tell it by the lustfull look in her eyes, or was that beacuse I was pissed as a fart by the time she came round. I also met soem of the bloke stars but didnt really give a monkeys about them, they didnt have longing eyes for me to stare into!!
The band was ok, but Karl was to be funny as a crooner. Hunreds of people swarmed him afterwards and these big bouncers had to pull them off, I was meanwhile content at the bar talkingto an Australian girl who I was confused to see there as it was full of British and Irish. It afterall was a very good night and to say I touched Dr. Karl and Libby is a pleasure!!!!!
At the evning we hadto dance for soem compeition and I walong with a girl called Carly won a free cruise down the Yarra river. But when we rocked up for it, it was the shitest cruise I have ever been on and the guide and captain was useless for information and had no skill in talking out loud, I am glad I won it as I would never had paid for it!
I also took in the magestic MCG and went for lots of walks in and around melbourne.
I was staying in St. Kilda which is a beach suburb of the city, it has a long old poer that I walked down when it was totally encased in a danse fog. It made the whole experience very spooky. But I was staying ina hostel called Base backpackers. They have a fe gimmicks on in their bar. On a Thursday it is ladies night. It is advertised as free champagne (Cava and then when that run out Bucks fizz) to all ladies, also free champagne to anyone dressde as a lady. So me and afew lads all raided the gilrs clothing bins and looked a combination of crackwhore, junkies sluts!
But for free booze all night I was smiling, the troble is that we all go so drunk we did a Stan Collymore and set the fire extinguisher off and sprayed a lot of people, but the best part was, we got away with it!!!!!
Melbourne is also a thriving sports city. There are AFL teams galore such as: Collingwood, Carlton, St. Kilda and many more. So what true Australian sport should I go and see? Yes Rygby, but I fell asleep on the tram and woke up an hour past my stop so never got to see a league game. Instead I contented myself with a pre season friendly seeing the Melbourne Victory (A league champions) play Oakleigh Cannons. I missed a goal as I was in the loo and missed anotehr one when in the beer queue!! Melbounre played a full strength team complete with international record holder for gioals in a match (13 against American Samoa when the Aussies won 31-0) Archie Thompson, there was also a Chelsea reject on the pitch and the old hardman of Millwall and Wolves, the filthy Kevin Muscatt on the field!!
But the time came for me to bid faewell to Melbourne and head by a cramped greh=yhound bus back to Sydney to await my flight home. The time is near I face the final curtain. I am almost home, I feel sad but also very scared to come home. I will for once have to stop being a little boy and be a grown up, but that is hard for Peter Pan to achieve, I know I want to travel more and feel that I have another vo,unteer placement in Africa or Asia in me, bescides I havnt seen South America or India yet.
I waved goodbye to the friends I had made in Melbourne and got the tram ppast the ugly demonic clowns face that is the entrance to Luna park, the face seemed to mocvk me!
Luckily on the bus was a girl from my hostel so we chatted throughout the nifght journey, sleep was impossible as we were being driven by Lewis Hamiltona dn the bus cornered with fury!
We arrived in Sydney and booked into a hostl called wake up, apprantly it won 2005 best hostel in the world award!!!! oooohh!!!
So you have just rocked up into Sydney what should you do. Yes yopu have guessed it, go and see the Dalai Lama talk about happiness and life in the Domain for free. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is on an Australian tour and he is spreading the words of peace and love along the way. It was also free entry so I went along to hear his words in the rain.
He has a wicked sence of humour and many people collapsed around me and had to be carried out withh tears of joy streaming from their eyes!
I was glad that I have had the priviledge to see the Dalai Lama in person and hear his words about smiling to make people happy and living life with love. They hit home and he is quite a charecter. He even cracks jokes about going to nightclubs and why are all you Australians here to hear me speak? 'We are not giving away free beer'!
I spent the rest of the day milling about Sydney and poncing about down by the rocks in Sydney Harbout, then that evening as I was walking out of the shower going to my dorm room who shioudl I see? Well I bumped into a loads from my first Kiwi experience bus down in the south island, tehrefore a massive piss up ensued and it lasted well into the late hours as we drank many a jagerbomb and random fruity cocktails, all washed down by Tooheys new!
The next day I actually watched my bungy DVD. Ha ha I iggled so much because the soundtrack to me jumping is Gary Glitter, ooh a bit of bad taste misses!
The next day.........
The time has finally come to say goodbye to my travels for now. I know deep down this wont be my last lot of travels. I have so much more in me and I will never give up on seeing every inch of the world I can.
But now is time for me to look to the future and not remiiniss about all my travels, adventures and fun I have had. For I know coming home is anoter adventure too.
My last days in Sydney were spent wilt old friends and also meeting new ones and also ona aerrand to collect things for people at home who left stuff in Oz.
So I was busy and it was eventful.
Tonight is my last night and no doubt soemthing will happen.
I leave with a tear in my eye as I have fallen in love with New Zealand and all the rest, I leave behind my bus who now will have been in Queenstown for a while. I leave behind places where memories were created, but will retain them forever.
So for the last time in my travesl I email you all.
Wherever you are take care and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Sweet as Bro!!!!


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